$100,000 per Month YouTube Blueprint

Learn how to quickly build an army of faceless YouTube channels, that bring the maximum monthly revenue possible,
while being extraordinarily cheap & efficient to maintain!

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The Most Comprehensive Course on Faceless YouTube Automation (Intelligent Way)

24 Stage-by-Stage Lectures

Comprehensive lectures covering everything I did to get to the $100,000 per month mark with YTA!

$100,000+ per Month Blueprint

I documented everything I did to grow one of my channels to over 1,000,000 Subscribers in 24 months!

Scientific Growth Strategy

My personal growth and analysis approach that drastically amplifies total revenue per faceless channel!

Live 24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Live (Global) Support assures you have our assistance whenever you need it.

50,000,000+ Views/pm

Discover how my faceless channels generate 50,000,000+ organic views per month, on average.

Only Method to Gain Traffic

I'll share the only proven method to generate a traffic avalanche for your regular or faceless YouTube Channel!

Ad Revenue Amplifier

Learn how to instantly maximize the Ad Revenue and other income sources for your YouTube Channels!

Over $3,500,000 in pure profit generated in just 24 Months
900,000,000+ Channel Views
Behind the Scenes YouTube Power Player
Certified Data & Analytics Genius

Intelligent Automation

Discover how I've built a highly influential media company using the correct data, systems, and processes!

Revealing Our Unique Approach

Copy and paste our exact systems, processes, and content automation and distribution methods!

Viral Shorts Strategy (2023)

Gain access to our internal viral shorts strategy that we use to spark our channel's reach instantly!

Monthly Ad Revenue

An average monthly Ad Revenue made from my completely faceless YouTube channels! (2022-2023)

Massive Revenue Maximization

Channels generating massive Ad Revenue are also bringing significant income through additional sources!

Stellar Growth Processes

Scaling your channels the right way instead of wasting your time and money on "latest trends".

YouTube Ad Revenue
Current Number: 16
Secret Channel 1
Secret Channel 2
Secret Channel 3

$100,000+ per Month, YouTube Automation Blueprint

Learn how I built a completely automated faceless channel with over 1,000,000+ Subscribers from scratch! (I documented everything!)


True YouTube Automation:
Learn how to build an automated channel from scratch using my detailed stage-by-stage blueprint.


Hyper Monetize Channels: Discover how to generate an avalanche of additional income even, with a small faceless channel!


Intelligent Faceless Approach: I'm sharing everything I've learned after almost 3 years of working behind the scenes with the best!

Algorithm Manipulation

Learn the little-known algorithm manipulation process to boost your reach and revenue drastically! (NEW2023)

Science-Based Manipulation

Learn how to manipulate the YT ALGO to boost your videos to go viral (Other well-known YouTubers are using this)

DATA Fueled Decision Making

I will teach you everything the most extensive media companies are doing to gain a market advantage today!


Learn how I've been able to completely crush everyone in my niche and earn $1,500,000+/year from 1 channel!

Mass Content Scaling (2023)

Scaling the content output extremely cost-effectively was one of the significant factors for our success!

Piercing the Market (Smart Way)

Using the latest technologies and correct data has allowed us to pierce through our competition fast!

Biggest Channel Revenue
News / Documentaries
Ownership %
Joachim De Coninck, Instagram
Joachim DC (100%)

Our Pre-Launch Student Results.

The Results will be updated every 30-45 days, depending on when the students that are participating in this analysis submit their YouTube revenue results for that month.


Students enrolled in the Pre-Launch Stage


Combined Ad Revenue made only from YouTube
(Excluding sales from their offers & different income streams and students who didn't want to participate in this analysis.)

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Exclusive Early Student
Benefits & Bonuses

The most comprehensive learning experience combined with private tools, systems, and processes that gained me over 900,000,000+ organic views on my channels combined!

Just some of the features:

24 Stage-by-Stage Lectures
Exclusive Content Updates
Revenue Maximization Tactics that we use across all our channels
900,000,000+ Organic Views Unique Personal Strategy
How I Get Views & Subscribers Super Fast for New Channels
Complete Channel Management Systems from Start to Finish!
Lifetime Access & Future Bonuses (+ Private Tactics)
My Private Tools & Systems
Personal Case Studies
How I made a $3,500,000+ profit on YouTube in just 24 Months!
The Ins & Outs of YouTube Algorithm & Viral Potential
YouTube Automation Discord Group with other members!
Mass Content Scaling System that we use internally for our channels!
Dedicated 24/7 Instant Support & Staff (Global)
Get Started
Member Benefits Card
Upcoming Live Events
Complete Curriculum Access
Lifetime Content Updates
Tools, Systems & Processes
Dedicated Support Agent

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Real-Life Verified Examples


Consistent Course Updates


Well-Documented Personal Processes


Actual Private Tactics & Systems


Revenue Maximizing Strategies


At Least One 1M+ Subscribers Channel


Integral Course Structure


My Personal Tool Stack & Workflows


Live 24/7 Support (Fast Response Time)


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