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Intelligent Approach to Selling Courses

Creator Access allows successful Entrepreneurs & Creators to quickly build & scale their Digital Products & Personal Brands while earning more and saving a fortune on development!

ALERT! Purchase Creator Access now to lock the current promotional price! Our system will raise the price after every purchase until it reaches the standard entry fee of $50,000!

Rated 4,99/5 from over 3,058 reviews.

Most Profitable Way to Sell Digital Products

Launch & Scale your Digital Products & Personal Brand with ease in less than 30 days with maximum profitability!

Rated 4,99/5 from over 3,058 reviews.
Advanced Learning Resources ($75K)
Personal Brand DNA
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$75,000 Course

Dave Nick - Personal Brand DNA + Hyper Growth DNA ($1,000,000+ Club), private courses & learning materials offered to private clients are now available only for Online Business Academy creators for a limited time! (+Additional Benefits)

Josh Ryan - Creator Avatar
Josh Ryan

"Dave’s understanding of the YouTube algorithm is incredible, the strategies he shared inside the course helped me grow my personal channel to 50,000+ subscribers in less than a year."

Personal Brand DNA ($5,000)

Instant access to Dave Nick's Personal Brand DNA Course, which was never available to the public.

$1,000,000+ DNA Access

Access to Personal Brand Hyper Growth ($1M+ Club) after passing $1M in revenue on the platform.

Brand & Product Assistance

We're going to assist you at any development & growth stage of your personal brand & product!

Dedicated Guidance Expert

Every creator that joins the platform will get personalized guidance from an industry expert (Early Bird Bonus)

Development Portal
OBA Example User
Digital Product Dev.
Advanced OBA Sales Page
Personal Brand Building
Automated Upsells
Multi-Channel Scaling
In Progress
Advanced Sales Page

Custom Digital Development

Complete Sales Page, Upsells Systems & Sales Systems development on Online Business Academy with all premium features and sections at no additional cost.

Incognito Money - Creator Avatar
Incognito Money

"I can easily see how this platform can save someone years of struggle. Dave is one of the guys that actually helped me start my own youtube channel and grow it to over 70,000 subscribers."

Advanced Custom Sales Page

Our third-party partners will develop a custom sales page for you on the platform at no additional cost! :)

Automated Upsells Structure

Automated Upsells Structure for all your Digital Products, Courses, Services, Memberships & Events.

Native Affiliate Network (13K+)

Our Affiliate Network with over 13,000+ Partners & Promoters will promote your product everywhere!

Lifetime Platform Promotion

We will promote your digital products through paid, organic & strategic platform promotions!

Creator Access Development Savings

The stats will be updated every 7-14 days, depending on when the creators that are participating in this analysis submit their Progress & Savings (compared to their previous self-assembled or outsourced development path) for that period.


Creators & Entrepreneurs enrolled in the Early-Bird Stage


Savings made only from normal development & growth costs!
(Excluding additional revision costs, unpredictable costs, situational costs, advertising costs, promotional costs, and creators & entrepreneurs who didn't want to participate in this analysis.)

Commercial Real-Estate Investor & Digital Creator
OBA Example User
Entrepreneur & Creator
Detailed Biography (Wiki)
Featured Companies
Net Worth
Awards & Recognitions
Digital Products & Groups
Verified Business Events
Social Media Profiles
Podcast Episode 147

Digital Assets

Besides digital assets like Verified Creator & Company Profiles, we will provide additional PR Articles about you and Media, Interviews & Podcast opportunities.

Youri Hofwegen - Creator Avatar
Youri Hofwegen

"The strategies shown on the platform will easily cut your learning and growth curve like crazy! I wish I had had access to this in 2019 before I built my YouTube Empire."

Verified Creator Profile

Add your biography, companies, corporate success, stats, and details, and gain instant views!

Verified Company Profile

Add your company details, stats, success, awards, services or products, and helpful web links!

PR Articles, Interviews & Pods

Our third-party partners and native media relations experts will monitor all related PR opportunities for you!

Verification for Your Events

Host your events with exclusive verified benefits and features at no additional cost! (Early Bird Benefit)

Additional Platform Generated Income**
$137,485.09 / monthly
Your Products
Entry Level Course ($195)
Membership Group ($50)
Flagship Course ($995)
Business Event ($6,000)
Your Balance

Maximum Profit Distribution

As a creator, you will get 100% from all the sales you make for your products and an additional % from any sales from users who came through your link!

**The monthly income number presented is an example

Fabigail Joy - Creator Avatar
Fabigail Joy

"This platform is superior! I have a 4.0 in my MBA program from the University of Texas and find Online Business Academy equally valuable. Way to go, it has helped me so much!"

Your Sales (100%)

You'll earn 100% of the profit from all your sales for your digital products on the platform! :) (Full Control)

Additional Symbiotic Sales (%)

You'll also receive a % of other purchases from users who came through your link! (More $$,$$$)

Additional Sales from Us (50%)

Our partner network, as well as we are going to be your affiliates and generate as many sales as possible!

Additional Affiliate Sales (%)

You'll also earn between 1,5-5% of the profit from your affiliates' sales on the platform for other products!

Closed OBA Creator Community
OBA Example Creator User 1
OBA Example Creator User 2
OBA Example Creator User 3
OBA Example Creator User 4
Digital Products

Closed Creator Community

Once you gain Creator Access, we'll invite you to the Invite-Only Closed Community of successful and rising digital entrepreneurs, creators & influencers!

Andy Hafell - Creator Avatar
Andy Hafell

"Good actionable information that actually works is hard to find online these days, Dave is on a completely different level with this platform 🔥"

Closed Creator Community

Join the conversation, ask questions, contribute to others, and network with successful, like-minded people!

Success Resources & Tools

Access our in-house training, market insights, tips & tricks, guides, learning materials and methods!

Direct Chat Portal (Contacts)

Gain direct access to notable & well-known influencers, creators & entrepreneurs as a part of access!

Live 24/7 Global Support

Our 24/7 Live (Global) Support assures you have our assistance whenever you need it. (Anywhere)

ALERT: Early-Bird Benefits & Features Expiring Forever (Soon!)
Exclusive Early-Bird Benefits
1 Million Followers Promotion
Automated Discord Community
Personal Brand Growth (Manual Help)
Promotional Price (Big Savings!)

Exclusive Early-Access Benefits

Early-Access Benefits only for entrepreneurs & creators who join Online Business Academy in the promotional period! (Expiring Soon)

Dave Nick Avatar Image
Dave Nick

"Early-Bird benefits alone are worth the price of Creator Access. Manual personal brand growth & community / membership automation can easily scale you beyond imaginable fast!"

1 Million Followers Promotion

Over 60 days, we will promote your products in front of 1 Million Followers at no additional cost!

Automated Discord Community

Our platform will automatically manage your community based on who paid and who didn't! No ghosts!

Price Lock (Save $$,$$$+)

After every purchase, our system will raise the price until it meets the standard price of $50,000! Hurry up!

Personal Brand Growth

Our team, as well as our third-party partners, will manually help you with your Brand Launch & Growth!

Global Comparison Analysis (2022-2023) on Building & Selling your Digital Product

Other e-Learning Platforms

Self-Assembled or Outsourced

Online Business Academy

Upfront Investment

$999 (and hope)-$120,000+

Profit Distribution from the sales that you make (Creator/Platform)

30%/70% (or even less for the Creator)
≈95.5%/0% (Teachable Pro -$1,428/y)
100%/0% (Free)

Additional Sales Profit (% from other sales that came through your link)


Custom Sales Page built by professional third-party web & marketing partners


Success Management (Educational Material, Courses, Guides, etc.)

Occasionally (Soft Advice)

Profit Distribution from Additional Sales that the platform makes for you natively

-72.55% or higher Platform Cut (Udemy)
No Additional Sales - $0 Extra Revenue
50% (Industry Superior Distribution! :)

Ready Native Affiliate Network

13,000+ Affiliate Partners & Promoters

Verified Public Creator Profile (Wiki)


Verified Public Events Page (Host Your Events with Exclusive Benefits, for Free)


Verified Company Profile (Wiki)


Additional PR, 2 Articles, Media, Interview & Podcast Opportunities


Closed Creator Access Community

Occasionally (Mostly filled with noobs)

Direct Chat Portal to Dave Nick & Other Influential Entrepreneurs & Creators


Automated Upsells Structure for Your Digital Product, Course, or Membership


Dedicated Guidance Team for both Product Design & Brand Development


EARLY BIRD: 1 M Followers Promotion


EARLY BIRD: Automated Discord Group Membership Management (SaaS)


LIMITED: Earn an additional % from all affiliate sales that your affiliates make!


Live 24/7 Support (Fast Response Time)

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Monthly Subscription
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    Highest Level Creator Education Resources ($75K)

    Dave Nick - Personal Brand DNA + Hyper Growth DNA
    ($1,000,000+ Club),
    private courses & learning materials offered to private clients are now available only for Online Business Academy creators for a limited time! (+Additional Benefits)

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    World Class Digital Asset Development ($$$,$$$)

    Complete Sales Page, Upsells Systems & Sales Systems development on Online Business Academy with all premium features and sections at no additional cost.

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    Worry-Free Development & Growth Experience

    No more soft copywriters, bad developers, and graphic designers still stuck in the design language that was alright at best ten years ago, greedy "marketing experts" and newly fried agencies that charge unreasonable amounts for clown work, hidden Udemy & Teachable Costs, profit cuts, limitations, or extra charges!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can interact with your students, answer their queries and build a success-oriented community around you.

As a creator, you can set the price for all your products, and if you have any doubts about pricing, we will guide you to help you price your products competitively and maximize your sales!

Yes, we provide many rare and insider-level digital training programs, a dedicated guidance team, 24/7 support, and an expert mentor to guide you through creating and filming your course.

Once you've successfully enrolled in our Creator Access program, you can submit your course to us for revision and publication through a direct portal.

As a creator, you retain the rights to your content; Online Business Academy is a platform to host, promote and sell your courses.

Earnings are based on course, masterclass, membership/group, event sales, additional income from hybrid sales that came through your link, affiliate sales, and percentage of all sales (even if it's someone else's product) from your affiliates!

Online Business Academy Creators usually see a 491% Revenue Increase on average compared to creators who previously tried the self-assembled or expensive outsourced ways for digital product creation, marketing, web development, etc.

Creator Access is an advanced platform feature that allows creators to publish and sell their digital products and utilize all of the revenue-maximizing premium features on the Online Business Academy platform.

Please refer to the Creator Access page for a complete list of all features, benefits, and bonuses. https://www.onlinebusinessacademy.com/creator-access

ALERT: Early-Bird Offer Expiring Forever!

Intelligent Approach to Selling Courses

Quickly build & scale your Digital Products & Personal Brand while earning more and saving a fortune on costly development!

Rated 4,99/5 from over 3,058 reviews.
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