Replicable $5,000+ YouTube Automation

Learn how my Automated YouTube Channels make between $3,000-$5,000 monthly, per channel, in low competition niches that are perfect for attracting long-term sponsorships & deals.

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The Most Step-by-Step Course on Low Competition - High CPM YouTube Automation

43 Step-by-Step Lectures

Step-by-Step lectures covering everything we do for our channels in order to get High CPM Views.

16,375,000+ Views Blueprint

The whole blueprint I used to generate over 16,375,000 High CPM views for my YouTube Channels.

CPM & Revenue Maximization

My personal Revenue Maximization process that enormously increases both Ad Revenue & Channel Income.

Live 24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Live (Global) Support assuring you have our assistance whenever you need it.

Hot Automation Niches

Discover hot automation niches that either have a High CPM or an Enormous Amount of Monetizable Traffic

High CPM Niches

Use our blueprint to make valuable content with outstanding retention rate in High CPM niches.

Hyper Views Niches

Earn an additional Ad Revenue Income as a "side effect" from the traffic you generate

16,375,000+ High CPM Channel Views Generated in 1 Year
Alex Kramer
YouTube Automation Expert
16,375,000+ Channel Views
9 High CPM Channels (100% Owner)
Big Sneakerhead

Content Automation

Discover how I've been able to generate over 16,375,000+ High CPM Views with YouTube Automation

Automated Content Creation

Copy and paste my exact systems and processes for high-quality content creation (that gets views).

Sponsor Acquisition Process

Gain access to my whole process of finding long-term and short-term sponsors for my videos!

16,375,000+ Views
Alex Kramer
YouTube Automation Expert

Monthly Ad Revenue

An average monthly Ad Revenue made from my completely automated High CPM channels.

CPM & Revenue Maximization

Channels that are bringing high Ad Revenue are also attracting long-term sponsorships & affiliate deals!

Scaling High CPM Channels

Scaling your income the right way by cross promoting your channels and building a high retention audience.

YouTube Ad Revenue
Current Number: 8
Revealed in the Course
Revealed in the Course
Secret Channel

Grow Your Channels in Low Competition - High CPM Niches

Learn how to build an automated YouTube channel the right way (in 2023), grow a high retention audience in a High CPM niche, and attract long-term sponsorships for your Brand!


Automated YouTube Channel:
Learn how to build an automated channel from absolute start to finish, using our detailed blueprint.


Grow High CPM Audience: Craft your presentation, brand identity & tonality the right way, in order to retain High CPM Audience.


Sponsorships & Brands: Learn how to heavily monetize your channel with offers, products and sponsorships outside of YouTube.

Dissecting the Algorithm

The strategic approach to YouTube algorithm that current famous creators rarely talk about openly.

The Recent Changes of the Algo

Learn exactly how to make the algorithm push your videos to as many people as possible! (2023)

Expand Your Reach Immediately

Discover my private 'hack' for getting organic video views and impressions extremely fast! (New 2023 Method)!

16,375,000+ Views
Alex Kramer
YouTube Automation Expert

Replicating Channels

Explore my $300,000+/year YouTube channel collection that is based on copy-paste principles

Operation Sustainability

Scaling teams and systems that are crucial for the long term success of your YouTube Automation business

Evergreen Processes

Using the same copy-paste processes allowed me to scale and 'duplicate' my channels fast!

Secret Channel Revenue
Entrepreneurship Niche
Ownership %
Alex Kramer (100%)
Jordan Pesos

"Every other course I've enrolled in had generic irrelevant information. Alex provides priceless information on what you actually need to know about YouTube Automation."

Philipe Reis (Mr Reis)

"Alex created a fail-proof course that I believe everyone should invest in. This information is golden!"

Dave Nick Avatar Image
Dave Nick

"Alex built by far the most comprehensive YouTube Automation course. Great up-to-date information, that actually works✅"

Cameron Scott

"I've been in the YouTube space for over 5 years, and this was one of the most informative courses I've purchased. It's day 12 and I'm already seeing results from my channel. You're the goat, Alex."

Martin Joseph

"Building a YouTube Automation channel seemed too easy after consuming this comprehensive course."

Our Pre-Launch Student Results.

The Results will be updated every 30-45 days, depending on when the students that are participating in this analysis submit their YouTube revenue results for that month.


Students enrolled in the Pre-Launch Stage


Combined Ad Revenue made only from YouTube
(Excluding additional sales from their offers, products, or services as well as students who didn't want to participate in this analysis.)

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Benefits & Bonuses

The step-by-step, from start to finish learning experience combined with private tools, systems and processes that gained me over 16,375,000 High CPM Views on my automated channels.

Just some of the features:

43 Step-by-Step Lectures
Exclusive Content Updates
Revenue Maximization Tactics (Sponsorships & Digital Products)
Step-by-Step, From Start to Finish YouTube Automation Walkthrough
How I Get Views & Impressions Fast (Private Reach 'Hack')
Complete Content Production Systems & Processes
Lifetime Access & Future Bonuses (+ Private Tactics)
My Private Tools & Systems
Hot Automation Channel Variations
How I make $$$,$$$ on YouTube per year, just from Ad Revenue
Evergreen copy-paste Operational Systems & Processes
Done for You Checklists for Quick Jumpstart (Updated)
How to Build both Basic & Advanced Revenue Streams
Dedicated 24/7 Instant Support & Staff (Global)
Get Started
Member Benefits Card
Upcoming Live Events
Complete Curriculum Access
Lifetime Content Updates
Tools, Systems & Processes
Dedicated Support Agent

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YouTube Automation



Personal Case Studies


Consistent Updates


Completely Automated Traffic System


Actual Private Tactics & Processes


Revenue Maximizing Strategies


At Least 1,000,000 Website Views


Integral Course Structure


Tool Stack & Workflows


Live 24/7 Support (Fast Response Time)


YouTube Automation, from Start to Finish!

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Discover how I've been able to generate over 16.3+ Million High CPM Views in 1 Year
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